Company Profile

Executive Summary:

Our goal is to outline the strategies, tactics and programs that will make the sales goals outlined in Chillies Software business plan a reality in the ever changing future.

Chillies Software was established in 1999 in response to the demand for interactive products and hosting services to complement traditional communication tools, being a Website, Apps, Online Software Development Company. We encourage collaboration and reward contributions from everyone.

Chillies Software designs and engineers tailor made digital solutions to improve clients’ business performance. Through creative relevance they strive to enhance the professionalism, independence and earnings of their clients.

Situation analysis:

In the fast paced and ever changing revolution of technology, Chillies Software has always focused on providing the absolute best level of customer satisfaction through superior solutions, services and through the ability to work with clients as members of a team. Our business is built on two key elements; (1) repeat business and (2) customer referrals. 

We differentiate ourselves from other similar organisations by referring to the two above mentioned elements, thus meaning that we go the extra mile for our clients, this has been proven by having clients returning for additional solutions and encouraging others businesses to benefit from our services as well. The reason for this is that we act as partners with our clients by helping them analyze their needs, situations and objectives and then referring to insight and perspective. This is achieved by recognizing each clients distinctive set of objectives, visions and expectations for each project and they encourage clients to define them.  

Market summary:

Information technology has become one of the most important tools in any business infrastructure. Chillies Software provides any business the opportunity to make use of its services whether being a service provider, website developer or a personalized marketing tool. 

Chillies Software internet provides the total internet and software solution. Our target markets are infinitive as they have no target range; any individual can make use of the internet or gain from an internet website. Ultimately Chillies Software supports the corporate sector. 

Target Market:

Information technology has taken over the world, from the top corporate businesses to the man at home. Chillies Software supports the entire spectrum however, they place greater emphasis on the business sector. No matter what the need of the client with regards to Websites and other internet solutions, Chillies Software can deliver. 

To be specific, Chillies Software internet deals with the following target markets, to name but a few:

  • Sport
  • Media
  • Recreation
  • Education
  • Transport
  • Health
  • Food industry
  • Recruitment
  • Auctions
  • Construction
  • Retail
  • Accommodation

Market Demographics:

Chillies Software’s trade and potential clients are made up of two groups: 

The first consist of those who have utilised and are familiar with websites and related internet functions, and the second are categorised by not utilising internet websites but do however have the potential of being future clients. 

The former is made up of business owners and the corporate sector and the latter is made up of new entrepreneurs and smaller enterprises.  . 

The outline for distinctive and a typical client of Chillies Software can be segmented according to the following market categories:

  • Geographic’s

Chillies Software as mentioned above focuses primarily on the working class- “Corporate sector” for business.  However the users of the websites are indefinable as access to the work done (Websites) is intercontinental thus meaning national and global.

  • Demographics

With regard to gender ratio, the usage of our web developers – Chillies Software is unspecific as both male and female’s are subject to the corporate sector.

The Corporate sector can range from ages 18-60, but our clientele falls mainly between the 25-55 range.

  • Behavior Factors

Chillies Software strives to create a change of the client’s perception regarding the internet and how significant Websites/Apps/Software are to their business. Chillies is working toward making a shift from consumption to leisure activities.

Market Needs:

The rapid growth of the internet and online services that has been witnessed worldwide is only the beginning of a long-lived trend towards an economy built on the infrastructure of the internet. This however would be impossible without the presence of a companies like Chillies Software.

The potential growth of the internet in itself is enormous, it has been proven day in and out that life has been made so much more convenient with development. Society has slowly but surely adopted the methods available, namely research exploration, online shopping, entertainment and so much more are at their disposal because of web developers.

Chillies seeks to meet the requirements of the market by engaging in the highest quality performance possible, this is accomplished in the following ways:

  • Individuality: Chillies makes every effort to view each client account as an individual task. Chillies believes in intense and individual focus to meet all the requests and needs of the client to achieve customer satisfaction.
  • Exclusive Website, Apps & Software developments: Chillies Software as mentioned above believes in individuality, for this to be accomplished, Chillies engages in initiating a website from scratch, by obtaining all the resources and content needed for completion. Their competitors use a skeleton method where they incorporate the same basic outline for the designs and this is where the exclusivity of Chillies originates.

Chillies Software has set a goal to maintain market share, to achieve this they must ensure the consistent implementation of the above mentioned factors.

Market Trends:

A Website/App/CRM has become a vital role to ensure the success and survival of a business in the corporate world in the 21 century. The internet removes all geographic boundaries as a firm’s current and potential clients can communicate their desires and needs to the firm at any time or place. A business website also removes steps in the value chain; this saves time and money and is a great advantage to both the firm and the customer (CRM is also known as Customer Relationship Management system).

Chillies Software offers the following:

  • A medium through which a client can communicate effectively and efficiently with their service provider.
  • An innovative and well designed Website/App/CRM that guarantees complete clients satisfaction.
  • An easy navigable feature & layout that will assist first time users.
  • Where clients can preview and purchase online products without leaving the privacy of their own homes.

Market Growth:

Today computers & mobile devices are an essential household appliance and the internet is a common and necessary tool to gather information and purchase goods and services easily and conveniently. 

The demand for internet websites is increasing daily and at a steady pace. It is already expected that every business should have a website, it is as vital as a telephone. As the growth of new business’s increase so does the market and Chillies Software will take advantage and exploit this opportunity. The market growth is also thanks to wireless internet roaming that allows computer & mobile users that were never connected to have access to the internet at any time and any place even in a moving vehicle.


  1. Knowledgeable and creative staff – Chillies Software has gone to great lengths to find talented people with a passion for creating and sharing skills with their clients. Our staff is both knowledgeable, qualified and eager to please.
  2. State of the art equipment – Chillies Software staff have access to state of the art equipment, this enables them to perform tasks fast and at the highest levels and often exceed the clients’ expectations. 
  3. Clear understanding of the market need – Chillies Software knows what it takes to build an upscale website, they know their customers and the capabilities of their technology and work it to the full potential to build a service that will bring the two together.


  1. A dependence of quickly changing technology – Chillies Software provides their clients with an experience of seeing their business excel through the technology of the internet however, this technology changes rapidly. Chillies Software needs to keep up with technology as a product life cycle is measured in weeks, and not months. A lot of the Chillies Software experience is technology and each time this changes, Chillies Software must incur cost to keep abreast of technology and competitors.
  2. The cost factor associated with keeping state-of-the-art equipment – Keeping up with the technology of the internet is an expensive undertaking and Chillies Software needs to balance technology needs with the other needs of the business. One aspect of the business can’t be sacrificed for another.


  1. Growing population of daily internet users – the importance of the internet almost equals that of the telephone. As the population of daily internet users increases, so will the need for the services of creating Websites & Apps. As more people become dependent on the internet and the service that it provides the demand for the services that Chillies Software offers will increase.


Chillies Software has shaped its own market through setting themselves apart from their direct competitors. This they have achieved by creating unique and differentiated websites. Chillies clients websites and apps are designed from a blank webpage where other competitors simply reconstruct an existing one, we use a “skeleton” front end site. Chillies has even come so far that the competitor diffuses ideas from existing Chillies developed websites to create their own. 

Heavy competition between web & app design services creates an industry where all firms face the same costs. This means that there is a positive relationship between price and the quality of a business’s service. The more value Chillies adds to the clients business the more they are willing to pay for it. 

Product offering:

Chillies Software does not only focus primarily on designing websites but the also have experience and specialize in the following:

  • Website development – to fully exploit the capabilities of the internet one needs a great deal of imagination and entrepreneurial abilities. Chillies Software philosophy is to deliver front-end websites that incorporate clear navigation with real world functionality and fast download times with the most advanced back end systems in the world. With Chillies Software a Clients vision will become a reality.
  • E-newsletters – Chillies Software provides the client with a means to receive newsletters via Email. This is necessary as they will receive weekly or monthly updates, change in the market trends and the latest information regarding the internet.
  • Website maintenance – repair and preservation of all websites. 
  • CRM Solutions – this is a unique Customer Relationship Management tool tailored for your business specific needs.
  • IOS & Android Apps –  Chillies Software makes use of Native platforms Android studio and xcode as well as React Native platform to develop high end App mobile solutions. 

These are only a few of the products offered by Chillies Software, in this way Chillies offers exceptional services offering software solutions for any problem regarding the internet or software.

Keys to success:

The keys to success for Chillies Software internet are:

  • The creation of unique, innovative, and customer service that will differentiate Chillies from other local web developers and future website designers.
  • To establish Chillies Software as an organization that offers solutions for the entire online spectrum.
  • The creation of an environment that won’t intimidate the client, therefore Chillies Software  positioned itself as an easy to approach resource that clients are comfortable to approach.
  • To portray effectively and confidently that they believe in what they do and that they can do it well then the client will also follow suit.
  • Great before and after sale service.

Marketing Strategy:

Chillies Software focuses on four factors which contribute to the marketing strategy. Most of their projects follow a cyclical process of planning, concepts,building and then evaluating the results to meet their objectives successfully:


In this first phase, we collect everything necessary in order to recommend the best way to achieve our client goals. We use a variety of tools, including agency/client workshops, published and commissioned research, and a bit of intuition. The creative brief summarizes the results of understanding the client’s situation and competitive environment, the target audience and their behaviour, key objectives and measures of success. 


The creative brief is used as the basis for the overall concept, or ‘big idea’. Brainstorming with all members of the team means that the designs are both technically sound and results-driven. To make sure we’re on the right track, and also get feedback from the target audience on the chosen designs before moving forward. 


Here’s where we stitch everything together. Using one ‘big idea’ as a foundation, we produce graphics, program, incorporate all content, design and build databases. At the end of this stage, we have full functionality. But we’re not quite finished yet. We test on all platforms, with a variety of browsers, from both functionality and usability perspectives. Only after revisions have been made from this stage, do we consider a project complete. 


Because we are a results-driven agency, we review and analyse performance no matter what the project. From looking at statistics to find out whether a banner campaign is delivering traffic, to observing site visitors to see whether usability has increased, we use this insight to provide suggestions for further improvement. And then start planning all over again. 


Chillies Software has one purpose to provide all consumers with the ability to access websites & apps by providing the corporate sector with efficient websites that would meet all parties requirements and needs. Chillies Software will consistently build on the mission. Everything we do from their pricing structure to the uniquely built websites, apps and or CRM solutions.