Terms & Conditions

TERMS & CONDITIONS For Website, Apps, Software & ISP Hosting Services rendered by

1. The client will provide all the necessary website info, including written, graphical, photographic and other content within 5 working days. Chillies cannot be held responsible for delays in development due to lack of required website content or lack of timeous feedback during the testing period. The amount quoted is based on estimated time we projected it will take for this project to be completed which contributes to the costs of having developers occupied on this project for the duration of the estimated timelines we projected.

2. Any major or minor customization changes as per client’s preference and request done during or after the project will be invoiced for the client’s account and will be charged at our hourly rate as per quotation. Any changes, tweaks, customization not stipulated on quote or attached addendum which specify clients special needs will be charged, client must make sure that every small detail & website needs must be specified on addendum or quote for client not be invoiced for additional work done to original quoted website.

3. If the client fails to provide feedback within the allocated time period speculated above the website will be regarded as completed and the client will be invoiced for any outstanding fees which may still be due.

4. No design or development work will commence prior to minimum of 75% of the quoted amount being paid. The balance of 25% will need to be settled no later than 5 working days after the website’s demo link has been provided to the client. No refund options available as developers need to be paid during the project and all projects assigned to must be completed by

5. Website hosting for this project will be charged monthly for which a debit order instruction form will be sent to the client for completion & or alternatively a monthly invoice to be paid by client by monthly or yearly basis. If the website is not hosted on our servers additional fees (over and above our normal hourly rate) will be charged for upgrades, maintenance, repairs or any other work which needs to be done after completion due to the delays to get permissions from said ISP to give us access. Monthly hosting fees can change automatically without any notice if website traffic limits is reached or disk space exceeded, as this can cause website to go offline if we totally cap the services.

6. Projects get attended to on a first come, first served basis. This means that payment of the requisite deposit for a particular project does not constitute the commencement of work on said project. Please note that the timelines is only a projection and may be negatively affected by factors such as load shedding, internet connectivity issues, staff illness, computer hardware and/or software errors and other problems which are outside our control, although timelines is very difficult to stipulate accurate deadlines & timelines, we do strive to meet deadlines as much as possible.

7. We take no responsibility for maintenance or upgrade of the website once the project has been completed. This includes upgrade of website CMS (Content Management System), plugins, browser compatibility upgrades (we do NOT support Internet Explorer by default – compatibility can be built in on request), repairing of hacked websites which have backups available, bug repairs or any other alterations and/or fixes which may be required after project completion. All the aforementioned can be done at our normal hourly rate as requested by client. These costs will be charged per hour rate. Client should regularly review his/her website and notify us if there are bugs, upgrades to plugins etc so we can do it and invoice, websites should be updated at least twice a year, the compatibility of websites on browsers change as the browsers upgrade their platforms.

8. This quote is valid for thirty (30) days from date of issue.

9. Acceptance of this quote and payment of the requisite deposit implies acceptance of these terms & conditions and/or any addendums which may be attached to this quote for your reference, these terms & conditions is accepted at Bloemfontein on the date of acceptance of quote invoiced and emailed to client.

10. Client hereby gives consent that he/she understood & was informed of everything related to the terms, the development procedures & responsibilities of both parties during & after this project completed.